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Creating Safer Workplaces During National Safety Month and Year-Round

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The manufacturing industry is the backbone of our economy, responsible for producing the goods that keep our world moving. However, it also presents numerous risks, from heavy machinery and hazardous materials to physical tasks that can lead to injuries. June is National Safety Month, a critical period dedicated to highlighting the importance of safety across all sectors. 

Created by the National Safety Council, this month-long observance serves as a powerful reminder to prioritize safety in every aspect of our lives, from our homes to our workplaces. Here at Intertek Alchemy, we are proud to join the NSC in promoting a culture of safety, particularly within the manufacturing industry, where the stakes are especially high. 

Supporting Frontline Workers

As the month of focus on safety comes to a close, this is your reminder that every month should be safety month for frontline workers. Their critical role goes beyond compliance measures and lagging indicators. When properly trained, these workers are often the first to identify potential hazards, even suggesting solutions to eliminate safety risks while ensuring that operations run smoothly. 

Their hands-on experience and intimate knowledge of the processes allow them to detect anomalies and take immediate corrective actions, preventing accidents, and minimizing risks. Frontline workers are extremely vigilant and dedicated which allows safety for everyone ranging from coworkers to consumers. Let’s celebrate them whenever possible!

Tips for Observing National Safety Month

To make the most of the rest of National Safety Month, consider the following activities:

  • Conduct Safety Audits: Regular safety audits can help identify potential hazards before they lead to incidents. Use this month as an opportunity to review and update your safety procedures. It is a best practice to enlist outside perspective from professional EHS Consultants during this process for a true impartial review uninfluenced by internal factors. 
  • Engage Employees: Involve your employees in safety discussions. Encourage them to share their insights and suggestions for improving workplace safety.
  • Refresh Training Programs: Ensure that your training programs are up-to-date and relevant. Consider incorporating new topics or methods to keep employees engaged. Using third-party course libraries is a great way to cover a wide range of topics efficiently, just ensure the third-party courses are easily customizable. This is essential to meet OSHA training requirements, and makes it easier for workers to understand their training and recognize potential risks.  
  • Promote a Safety-First Mindset: Reinforce the importance of safety in all communications. Recognize and reward safe behaviors to motivate continued compliance.

Looking Ahead

At Intertek Alchemy, we are continually dedicating our efforts towards effective, engaging safety training. Our impact is present in thousands of facilities, which delivered over 10 million Alchemy workplace safety courses in 2023. 

When you invest in your workforce and offer diligent safety training, you are creating a better work environment and retaining your employees. Whether through the efforts of frontline workers, the implementation of robust safety protocols, or the active engagement of all employees, a strong emphasis on safety not only protects lives but also enhances productivity and morale. You have the power to create a safer world!

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