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New Research Findings Highlight the Impacts of Frontline Employee Training Practices in Manufacturing

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The results from the 2024 Survey of Frontline Employee Training Programs are in! The responses from more than 1,000 companies participating in the survey were analyzed and cross tabulated to clearly identify the specific practices and characteristics that enable some organizations to drive better performance than others in their manufacturing employees. You can find all of this in the data-filled research paper: Training Methods and their Impact on Workforce Performance in Manufacturing.

This complimentary report presents numerous insights into the best practices that drive improved business outcomes, as well as the actions that can have a more negative influence on employee safety and productivity. It outlines data-driven recommendations for manufacturing companies to strengthen the performance of their frontline workforce and enhance the environment in which they work, leading to greater employee engagement and motivation. 

Some significant findings from the research:

  • 88% of companies that use site-specific images/content in their training material report that their employees have successfully been able to identify and mitigate potential risks or defects.  
  • On-the-job instruction is present on the manufacturing floor in 73% of facilities, yet 1 in 5 companies believe inaccurate instruction is being provided, and only 14% of companies are very confident in the accuracy of worker-to-worker instruction.
  • Companies with cross functional team members on a learning management/training team are 56% more likely to receive accurate worker-to-worker instruction. 
  • A comprehensive training reinforcement program delivered frequently improves consistent adherence to standard operating procedures on the floor by 215%.
  • A mature cross-training program improves employee motivation by 42%, a key feature considering that highly motivated employees are 240% more likely to follow established protocols on the floor.
  • Companies with a mature professional development program are 116% more likely to positively influence employee retention. 

“We’re proud to sponsor research that can provide clear, data-driven answers on how manufacturers can make their working environment safer, more efficient, and more productive,” said Intertek Alchemy President, Darrin Harkness. “We hope industry leaders utilize the findings of this report to drive meaningful improvements in their operations and create exciting new opportunities for their employees.”

The Training Methods and their Impact on Workforce Performance in Manufacturing Study is based on a 57-question survey, developed by Intertek Alchemy and Campden BRI, and was distributed through numerous industry associations.  

A complimentary copy of the research paper is available at

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