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Intertek Alchemy Product News

New and Updated Animal Welfare Courses with Player 7 Release

Posted by Alchemy Support

Jul 24, 2018 9:51:24 AM
Jul 24, 2018 9:51:24 AM

In partnership with the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) Animal Welfare Committee, we have updated our library of Animal Welfare courses based on the most recent animal handling guidelines.

The Animal Welfare courses are designed especially for frontline employees who deal hands-on with live animals at harvesting facilities. The courses cover fundamental animal handling concepts and incorporate adult learning methods proven to raise knowledge retention and employee engagement.

You’ll have access to new and updated pig and cattle animal handling courses when you receive the new Player 7 release.

Updated Courses:

  • Updated - UDM40 Unloading and Receiving Cattle at Processing Facilities
  • Updated - UDM41 Proper Handling and Movement of Cattle
  • Updated - UDM42 Humane Stunning Practices for Cattle
  • Updated - UDM37 Unloading and Receiving Pigs at Processing Facilities
  • Updated - UDM38 Proper Handling and Movement of Pigs

New Courses:

  • NEW - UDM43 Humane Stunning Practices for Pigs - Captive Bolt
  • NEW - UDM44 Humane Stunning Practices for Pigs - CO2
  • NEW - UDM45 Humane Stunning Practices for Pigs - Electric

If you have any questions about the animal welfare courses, please contact us at Support.