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Update: New Course on COVID-19 Now Available

Mar 25, 2020 7:00:00 AM
Mar 25, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Update: 3/30/20

Alchemy's "COVID-19: Overview" training course is now available in Spanish.

Like the English version, this course is available in the Human Resources category of your Alchemy Manager eLearning Course Catalog or via download to Alchemy Player. See original post below for more information. 

Update: 3/25/20

The COVID-19 training course was originally distributed 3/20/20 has been updated as follows: 

  • social distancing guidance is now 6 feet (2 meters) instead of 3 feet (1 meter)

    • Note: While 3 feet is still the current recommendation from World Health Organization (WHO), the course now reflects the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance of 6 feet to prevent confusion and be more cautious

  • the images showing coughing into a hand have been replaced with images of coughing into a bent elbow

  • “Tiredness” as a common symptom has been replaced with “shortness of breath”


The updated version of this course is available immediately. (See original post below for access instructions.) Please note, all training completed on the original course version will still receive credit in your existing Learning Plans. If you wish to retrain your employees on these recent course updates, please retire your existing Learning Plan and create a new Learning Plan with a start date of today.

A Spanish-language version of this course will be available, tentatively, April 1st.


Second update scheduled for next week:

There will be a second update to the “COVID-19: Overview” course next week with the following changes, in chronological order of the course. Please note this list is tentative as the course update is in progress, and subject to change:

  • Adding CDC as a reference point in addition to WHO

  • Add information on the need for employees in critical infrastructure to continue working, and thereby staying healthy

  • Modify discussion of symptoms to ensure shortness of breath is referenced appropriately

  • Clarify that viruses can live on different surfaces from hours to days

  • After quiz question, clearly indicate what follows is a review of key points already learned (which is used as reinforcement to create knowledge retention and application)

  • Change reference of “alcohol-based hand rub” to “alcohol-based hand sanitizer”

  • When providing alternative greetings to handshake, remove bowing as an option (has cultural sensitivities in some workplaces)

  • Change “Stay home and contact your supervisor if you have a fever or cough” to “If you do not feel well, reach out to your medical provider for guidance.”

  • Change “If you feel that you are developing a fever or cough while you are at work, inform your supervisor and follow your company policies.” to “If you are at work and do not feel well, inform your employer.”

  • Change reference to “large gatherings” to just “gatherings”

  • On handwashing question, add a different remediation question upon incorrect response (currently repeats same question)

Original release announcement – 3/20/20

Intertek Alchemy is committed to the safety of your employees, their families, and our communities. To help ensure safe working environments, Intertek Alchemy is adding a complimentary new course, COVID-19: Overview, to your library.

The COVID-19: Overview course covers how to:

  • Mitigate the spread of the coronavirus

  • Recognize symptoms and protect from respiratory illnesses

  • Prevent transmission to others

The COVID-19: Overview course is available in eLearning and Player. Below are instructions to access it in both formats:


Search for “COVID-19: Overview” in the Human Resources category of your Alchemy Manager eLearning Course Catalog.

Player 7

To download “COVID-19: Overview” to your Player computer, here’s a quick video to walk you thru the process.

If the download did not work... you are most likely on an older version of Player and need to upgrade to Player 7. The process is quick and easy:

  • Download the Player 7.06 upgrade

  • Open the zip file, extract ALL files and folders to your Player computer

  • Double click on the “AlchemyPlayerSetup” file

  • Congrats! You’re ready to follow the Player 7 instructions above to download the new course

If you’re unable to upgrade at this time, please contact Support and we will assist you.

We hope that you, your employees, your families, and your communities stay safe.


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