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Bertrand Edmond

Bertrand Emond is Head of Membership & Training at Campden BRI, the world’s largest independent provider of practical scientific, technical, regulatory and information support to the food, drink and allied industries. Campden BRI currently serves over 2400 member companies, ranging from large international businesses to small individual operations, in 75 countries worldwide. Founded in 1919, it now offers a wide range of analysis and testing services as well as operational support underpinned by a vigorous programme of research and innovation and disseminated through extensive knowledge management activities - including publishing leading industry guidance. Many of its activities are independently accredited. Bertrand holds a Master of Food Science & Technology and a Master of Business Administration. For the past 25 years, Bertrand has been helping companies of all sizes from all parts of the agri-food chain to survive and grow. He has taken part in a number of local, regional, national and international initiatives aiming to support businesses with respect to Quality, Safety, Efficiency and Innovation. He is passionate about supporting the industry in the area of skills, knowledge, competency, culture and continuing professional development, as well as promoting career opportunities in the food industry to talented young people.

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