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John Dony
Vice President of Thought Leadership for the National Safety Council

John is the Vice President of Thought Leadership at the National Safety Council. In this capacity, he oversees the Campbell Institute, the global EHS&S center of excellence, as well as Safe Actions for Employee Returns (SAFER), NSC’s COVID-19 response initiative, Work to Zero, focused on serious injury and fatality prevention through technology, and the MSD Solutions Lab, an innovative new program focused on innovation in ergonomics and beyond. John also leads a variety of other research and impact initiatives including programs related to psychological safety, ESG & sustainability, and more.

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Posts by John Dony

Valuing the Whole Person: Redefining Safety, Health & Wellbeing

The concept of the whole person – or, as it may be more commonly known, “Total Worker Health” – has gained significant traction over the past decade. John Dony, Vice President, Thought Leadership of National Safety Council explains how you can value and retain the “Whole Person.”

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