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Get the Most Out of #AlchemyConference 2015 – How to Prepare and What to Bring

By Tara Guthrie   |   

Each year the Alchemy Conference is carefully curated to bring attendees the best possible experience. The goal is to elevate skills, empower attendees with knowledge, and provide world-class networking opportunities. Whether you’re a first timer or an old pro, a little guidance goes a long way in helping you to get the most out of your experience. Here are a few recommendations to get your planning started.

Review the Agenda

First things first, make a game plan. While each session is valuable, we recommend creating a personalized schedule based on your individual needs and the goals of your operation for the next year. In reviewing the agenda you can: 

  • Review individual speakers
  • Determine learning objectives most important to your operation
  • Customize your schedule
  • Plan your networking around meal times, breaks, and happy hours




Leading companies in the food industry send groups of employees to the Alchemy Conference each year. If you stick with only familiar faces you’ll miss out on valuable opportunities to learn creative new approaches to employee engagement, operational improvements, and food and workplace safety strategies.

A unique perspective from an industry peer could lead to your next “AHA!” moment. The conference is designed with networking opportunities in mind. Be prepared to talk best practices at your company and your peers will certainly oblige you with the same.


Engage and Take Notes

Don’t be afraid to engage with the speakers in each session. This conference is designed to help you learn, and you never know when your questions may help others in the room as well. Take advantage of the Q & A portion, and don’t be shy.

Also, be sure to take plenty of notes. Alchemy Conference will pack a lot of information into a short amount of time, you’ll appreciate having a point of reference later. There will be time after each session for questions, and the slides will be made available to all attendees.


What to Bring

If you’re new to Alchemy Conference or just not sure what to bring here’s our recommendations: 

  • Laptop
  • Tablet or smartphone
  • Chargers & power cords
  • Notebooks and pens will be provided, but it’s always nice to have a spare
  • Business cards for networking
  • Photo ID – for registration and travel
  • Prepared list of sessions you’d like to attend


What to Wear

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and best represents your company. Alchemy is a business conference, but it’s also a time to let your professional personality sparkle. As a general rule of thumb business casual is the best way to go. Keep in mind Texas is still pretty hot in September, but conference rooms can get chilly so a light sweater or jacket is recommended.



You’ll be located in the heart of downtown Austin. If nightlife is your thing you’ll have the opportunity to explore the entertainment district in your free time. 


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