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Top 4 Lessons Learned at the National Retail Federation Protect Conference

By Kelsey Inkol   |   

The National Retail Federation (NRF) Protect conference is the largest retail and restaurant loss prevention event in North America. This year NRF’s conference provided a wealth of peer to peer interaction, experience sharing, and the opportunity to learn from the best. While there was a wealth of information offered, a few lessons we learned stood out. So here we’ll share our top four takeaways.


Networking is not only important at conferences but within your own business too.

When people initially think of networking, they tend to only identify opportunities outside their business. However it is also crucial to follow the same approach to networking within your own organization. Always remain sincere in your interaction, and allow others to speak their views.

Social media should be in your future.

Social media is often something that many don’t consider relevant in their workplace — this may not be the case. Social media can be an amazing resource to gather intelligence that affects you and your organization. Monitoring social media channels enables you to understand what customers, employees, and peers are saying about your brand.

Leadership can make or break a loss prevention campaign.

Leadership can make or break a loss prevention campaign, there are a few key lessons that you must remember in order to be successful. In the beginning of any campaign there’s a learning curve — educating everyone and ensuring the information is retained requires patience and awareness of associates’ biases and behavior. Demonstrate respect and empathy. Begin this approach during the onboarding process and continue using it to further an associate’s career.  




All data starts as good data.

When you begin to gather data it always starts as good data. It remains good data once you are able to analyze the data, know how to apply your findings, re-analyze your approach, and continually improve. Evaluate whether the data fits what you need, and evolve if it doesn’t. With the right application, data enables you to improve store inventory selection, create a refined high shrink program, and enhance your communication within your organization.


NRF PROTECT is the largest retail and restaurant loss prevention event in North America. The conference is especially for those who protect retail brands, assets, people, and profits. NRF PROTECT features 2 ½ days of compelling educational sessions, networking opportunities and, an innovative EXPO Hall. 

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