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Tune in Tomorrow for Helpful Tips to Set Your Supervisors Up for Success

By Holly Mockus   |   

By 2025, two thirds of the workforce will consist of millennials who bring a new set of demands for their employers. For them, being valued and working under competent leaders ranks among their top requirements.

However, most of them also believe their employers lack the ability to develop leaders from within. And for the most part, they’re right. According to Brandon Hall Reports, 83% of organizations believe it’s important to develop leaders at all levels, yet only 5% have done so.

Internal development for supervisors and managers to become effective leaders remains one of the most difficult tasks for manufacturers. These individuals are often plucked from their ranks to be leaders based on their ability to perform their jobs and good attendance. And then they’re expected to know and apply a new range of people and business skills.

Upon being anointed a leader, many of these highly valued employees will burn out or make mistakes that can follow them throughout their careers. Also, in the process, their actions can cause others to leave their jobs.

The revolving door of both workers and supervisors and the cost to retrain new employees can be highly expensive and detrimental to quality and production. So, what can you do?

Join me tomorrow for the next Intertek Alchemy webinar, “Setting Your Supervisors Up for Success,” where we’ll review the tools and techniques you can use to improve leadership skills within your ranks.

We’ll be joined by Robert Munoz, Leadership and Training Manager for JBS, the largest meat processing company in the world, who will share his facility’s success through its technical training program for supervisors. We’ll talk about how he’s worked with Intertek Alchemy to remove the fear of being a frontline supervisor by giving new leaders the tools and support to be successful, which is helping them in turn retain more employees and improve production.

He’ll walk us through the courses and programs JBS has put together to build strong leadership people skills. He’ll also discuss the communication tools they’re using to support and develop new leaders. And we’ll review some of the mobile technologies JBS is leveraging to help supervisors validate correct job and safety behaviors or provide corrective actions.

JBS’s workforce engagement model with Intertek Alchemy is helping the company:

  • Communicate responsibly and effectively

  • Encourage open, honest, and frequent dialog with employees

  • Create opportunities for employees to develop knowledge and skills

  • Share responsibility through learning and soliciting feedback

  • Elicit and address employee concerns and complaints

  • Provide recognition and awards

  • Foster employee-supervisor relationships.

Click here to register for the webinar, Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 12:00 CT.    

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