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Alchemy Earns Top Workplace Honor 4th Year in a Row

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We’re excited to announce that Alchemy has won a spot on the highly coveted Austin AmericanStatesman Top Workplaces list for the fourth year in a row! The Statesman chooses the best places to work in Austin based on data from anonymous surveys sent to current employees at eligible companies. With 140 Alchemists at our Austin headquarters (and 300 total across U.S. and Canada), Alchemy competed in the medium-sized company category.


Getting named a Top Workplace is a great honor since Austin, known as Silicon Hills for its tech presence, is home to several amazing companies in sectors like software, real estate, healthcare, academia, government, and others. Making the list four consecutive times puts Alchemy on the radar of all the top talent in town — and in Austin, there’s a lot of talent. The honor is extra sweet as it follows the recent distinction on Built In Austin’s list of Austin’s top tech companies


The Top Workplace survey focused on four key aspects of a healthy company: Alignment, Effectiveness, Connection, and Management. Alchemy scored high in several areas — but there were a few standouts. When it came to Effectiveness, Alchemy scored 20% higher than the industry standard in encouraging different points of view. We’re proud of our diverse team, especially how we’re able to work together cross-functionally to deliver first-class products and services.


To make sure we hire passionate, hard-working people, we have a thorough interview process, which also ensures candidates find a suitable position for their talents and their own growth. We want to work with teammates excited about our mission to keep millions of people safe. In fact, our mission is one big benefit of working here. Alchemists want to make a difference, and with hundreds of far-reaching clients like Kellogg’s, Nestle, Jack Link’s, and Burger King, our products and services impact hundreds of millions of people every day. 


“At the end of the day, not only is Alchemy a great place to work, but it feels great knowing the work you do is doing good things, for a good purpose,” said Dante Dominick, Marketing Director.



This desire to do good is also evident in the hours of volunteer work and charities Alchemists support, including Feeding America, Austin Animal Center, and Flatwater Foundation. Alchemy encourages employees to get involved and participate as a team, such as the annual Dam That Cancer paddleboard relay that raises funds for area families coping with cancer.


Another area on the survey where Alchemy scored high was in Connection. Alchemists reported they genuinely feel appreciated by their employer at a rate 18% higher than the industry average. While some companies may speak to team camaraderie, Alchemy lives it. We’ve built our company culture around five key values, and one of those values is to value each other.


This sense of teamwork is what fuels Alchemy’s success. The better people work together, the more they can accomplish. “I like to think of us as a high-performing family. We really have each other’s backs,” CEO Jeff Eastman said. “And I think that’s the main reason why we’ve won this award four times in a row. Our products and services are stellar — but it’s our people that make Alchemy a great place to work.”

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