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New Training Course Saves Lives by Making Food Safety Personal

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You may have done everything possible to create a mature food safety culture. You’ve provided all possible training programs, met GFSI standards, and passed all audits with flying colors. But do your employees understand how important their work is to the people who eat the foods they produce?

It’s not unusual for employees who conduct repetitive work to become complacent about food safety. Even after receiving hours of training, they might still make mistakes if they don’t understand how much consumers depend on them to do the right thing every minute of every day.

Those few minutes of relaxed diligence can create a catastrophic event for families, damaging the reputation of your company’s brand and risking the livelihood of every employee in the facility. 

According to the Global Food Safety Training Study, 88% of companies believe they offer the right amount of food safety training to drive appropriate and consistent food safety behaviors. Yet, 60% of those same companies say that, despite all their training, many employees still don’t consistently follow food safety programs on the floor.

Despite an abundance of regulations, technology, and protocols, foodborne diseases still affect one in 10 people worldwide.

To close the gap between training, action, and sincere accountability,  frontline employees need a personal and emotional connection to fully appreciate their role in providing safe foods for their friends, families, and others. 

That’s why we’re introducing our latest course, Food Safety Matters.

Food Safety Matters emotionally and visually conveys why the work of frontline employees is so important. It saves lives —  period. The course goes further by suggesting behaviors that workers can adopt to promote better food safety, such as:

  • Believing there are no dumb questions and asking when they don’t know
  • Doing the right thing all the time – even when no one is watching
  • Reporting problems or mistakes even if they made them. And following up to ensure they get needed attention.

This course is ideal for new and veteran workers in the food industry. Now that the FDA is working to define “food safety culture” and GFSI programs evaluate food safety culture during audits, it’s becoming a regulatory necessity. We encourage you to make this 7-minute course part of the required training in your food safety training program to build a strong food safety culture.

Below is the introductory video to the new course that demonstrates our passion for Food Safety.   

After taking the Food Safety Matters course, frontline employees will know why it’s crucial to think about all the people who count on them to produce safe food. And fully embrace why their work is so important.

Contact us to learn how to introduce Food Safety Matters to your employees.

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