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New: Alchemy Playbook Is Now Launched!

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We’re excited to officially launch our newest application, Alchemy Playbook. This game-changing mobile solution helps you create and deliver task-specific training to your frontline workers. Playbook also instantly finds qualified workers for any job in your facility, helping you fill unexpected personnel gaps in seconds.


With the manufacturing environment in mind, Alchemy Playbook was designed to work in facilities with spotty or no WiFi connections and works across all modern Apple, Android, and Windows devices. Alchemy Playbook puts the collective knowledge, skill, and expertise of every employee in the palm of your hand.

See details below on how to:

  • Create job-specific training right on the production floor.
  • Deliver job-specific training right on the production floor.
  • Qualify workers to perform specific tasks.
  • Find qualified workers for any job in seconds.


Create Job-Specific Training Right on the Production Floor

In the manufacturing industry, many organizations rely on the buddy system or shadowing to help train new employees. They are often paired with more senior employees — or even ones who are only a few weeks into the job themselves — to learn how to properly operate different types of equipment within the facility.

Oftentimes the buddy system leads to inaccurate workforce training. For starters, the trainer typically delivers non-standardized work instructions. The lack of formality means important steps are often left out, whether accidentally or as a way to show an unsanctioned shortcut.  

We’re here to help! Alchemy Playbook ensures that your organization can provide consistent and accurate on-the job training for every type of machinery or equipment within your facility.

By using Alchemy Playbook, operations leaders can:

  • Record videos and photos of your star employees performing job-specific tasks the right way
  • Easily add text instructions outlining the steps, turning it into a training course – all from the palm of your hand
  • Turn existing paper SOP documents into interactive courses with embedded videos and quizzes to ensure comprehension of the course


Deliver Job-Specific Training Right on the Production Floor

Alchemy Playbook makes it easy for you to deliver accurate, consistent task-specific training anywhere in your facility – even if no WiFi is available. Delivering the training right where the work will be performed makes it easier for employees to understand the detailed job instructions. And they can be observed doing the task correctly during the training to confirm correct application.

And with Playbook, you now have a lock-tight system on how on-the-job training (OJT) is created, vetted, and approved. This prevents unsanctioned OJT from being spread.

In addition to training created in Playbook, the mobile app will also deliver any course in your Alchemy training library, including courses you created with Creator. The anywhere/anytime mobile course delivery helps you easily cross-train employees to build a deep bench of skilled workers.


Qualify Workers to Perform Specific Tasks

It’s no secret: the manufacturing industry is currently undergoing a skills gap crisis. As older workers retire and take their institutional knowledge with them, it leaves several jobs unfilled. To make things even worse, the manufacturing industry has a high turnover rate, which can make it nearly impossible to track who is currently qualified to operate a specific type of machinery.

By using Alchemy Playbook, you can establish the criteria that are required to qualify an employee for a specific job, machine, or line such as:

  • Job-specific courses created with Playbook
  • Alchemy courseware
  • Other training materials or SOPs
  • Observation checklist
  • Supervisor sign-off

For example, you could create a training plan and set requirements to make an employee qualified to operate the palletizer in the facility. The requirements could include:

  1. Palletizer safety overview
  2. Training course on how to properly operate the palletizer
  3. Validation checklist for supervisor
  4. Supervisor sign-off to confirm that the employee is qualified to operate the palletizer

After your employee meets the established criteria, Playbook documents and records that employee as qualified to perform that work. You can also set whether or not a qualification expires and receive automatic notification of upcoming expirations.


Find Qualified Workers for any Job in Seconds

Alchemy Playbook helps quickly fill gaps on your production line to avoid costly downtime. The user-friendly app provides an instant view of all employees in the facility that are validated to perform the task. All within the mobile app, supervisors can:

  • Filter based on the type of line, shift, and department to find a qualified worker for any task.
  • See how many qualified workers exist for every job, proactively finding areas needing more bench
  • Track employee progress in learning new tasks and job qualifications.


Revolutionize Your Operations and On-the-Job Training with Alchemy Playbook

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See how Alchemy Playbook can work for you in the video below. 


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