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New Study Identifies Areas for Improvement in Food Safety Training

By Laura Dunn Nelson   |   

Intertek Alchemy released a new report analyzing the results from the 6th annual Global Food Safety Training Survey. Why is this big news? The survey contains valuable data on food safety training programs and identifies areas for improvement in food safety training — insight that can help all companies improve their own training programs.


How the report works: Around 1,200 food safety training professionals — representing nearly 5,000 food manufacturing facilities — responded to this survey in order to provide an accurate snapshot of the successes and challenges currently facing the food manufacturing industry. Industry analysts at Intertek Alchemy then compiled the responses and distilled them into insightful analysis so that companies can use it as an industry benchmarking tool. With this information, they are able to assess their food safety training program and adopt actionable best practices identified in the report. This data is extremely useful in an industry that’s ever evolving to address the current employee training challenges.

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Some notable insights:

  • Companies are largely embracing the evolution from delivering food safety training to developing a food safety culture! Specifically:
    • 114% more companies are conducting a Food Safety Culture Audit
    • 60% more companies are using culture level to measure the value of training to their business
    • 74% of survey respondents say they understand what is meant by “food safetyculture” and what it takes to build and sustain a strong one
  • But, of course, there’s always room for improvement:
    • 67% of companies say they still have employees not following their food safety program on the floor
    • Only 37% of companies utilize technology to manage food safety training, leading to a host of gaps and deficiencies
    • 75% of companies do not document on-the-floor behavior evaluation


The good news is that the full report is available for complimentary download at Get your copy today!

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