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The Tangible Benefits of Investing in Your Front-Line Workforce

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Your front-line workforce is the cornerstone of your business. Their success or failure directly impacts your profitability. Many of the food industry’s leading companies have chosen to invest in their front-line through interactive training, coaching, and communications programs.

To identify the full impact on the bottom line, these programs must be continually measured to ensure they meet your company’s specific needs and goals. Many companies have experienced tangible benefits of increased safety, product quality, yield, and productivity across their organization by investing in their front-line. The benefits far outweigh the costs.

At #AlchemyConference you’ll learn from the food industry’s best on how to unlock the power of your front-line. Below are some highlights of what will be discussed during the “The Tangible Benefits of Investing in your Front-line Workforce” conference session.

Set Proper KPI’s

Establishing a common understanding of expected key performance indicators (KPI’s) is the first step to setting up your team for success.  If you can explain the improvements and return on investment (ROI) seen by implemeting your front-line programs, you can win the support of your executive team.

Eveline Maciag of Biery Cheese Company will guide Alchemy Conference attendees through the basics of employee development with an ROI focus including:

  • Creating a plan of action
  • Setting metrics and benchmarks
  • Successful roll-out & implementation
  • Effective tools for measurement

Meet Corporate Objectives

Embedding your corporate objectives in training, coaching, and communications programs helps provide workers with the right knowledge to make the best choices for your company. Sari Trompke of Bigelow Tea will let you in on the secret sauce that aligned their operations to their corporate objectives, increasing production at Bigelow by MILLIONS of tea bags per year.

Trompke will discuss the importance of consistent, high-quality training from executives to the front-line, including:  

  • Branding your training program
  • Creating a culture of learning

Unlock the Potential of the Front-Line

People are motivated to work when they feel connected to your business. It goes beyond engagement, it’s a partnership. Failing to nurture this partnership may impede optimal performance. Building cooperative environments, where employees are free to express their ideas, helps improve operations and provides important intelligence into what is and is not working. Unlocking the potential of front-line workers begins with your interest in their development.
Randy Josephs of Kisko Products will detail how their family owned company saved over $500,000 in waste reduction due to employee driven initiatives. Randy will discuss:

  • Empowering employees to drive efficiency
  • Generating employee buy-in and improving SOP’s
  • Integrating training and performance plans with employee rewards

Final Thoughts

Never underestimate the value of your people. They are the key to your operational excellence and are crucial to protecting people, profits, and brands.

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