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World Food Safety Day 2019

By Laura Dunn Nelson   |   

On behalf of my fellow Alchemists and consumers in every corner of the world, we extend a big thank you to the hard-working food safety professionals around the world in celebration of today – the world’s first ever annual Food Safety Day.

Here at Alchemy, we have the absolute privilege of partnering with food safety professionals from around the world to provide you the training tools and resources to deliver a safe, quality product every day. We know the many challenges that you face to successfully ensure a safe product – complex supply chains, diverse employee cultures and languages, competing internal resources, expanding customer requirements, evolving regulations – to name a few. You provide your employees on average 7 hours of safety training per employee each year to help drive the food safety culture that you know is critical to your organization. You work long hours, assessing mounds of data, making hard decisions each and every day only to embrace the same challenges the very next day. We, as consumers, realize you are our unsung heroes.

We can’t extend our congratulations when you courageously make those tough decisions that protect our public health. But know this, every time we purchase your product, every time we sit around the table and heartily enjoy the product you prepared for us, we are grateful.

At the International Food Safety Conference held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in February, it was noted that ‘you cannot have food security without food safety’. Unsafe food causes human suffering, hampers socioeconomic development, overloads healthcare systems, and damages economies, trade and tourism.

It’s a noble profession you have chosen. Thank you for making our world a better place.

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