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Intertek Alchemy Celebrates National Safety Month – Every Month

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National Safety Month

If you haven’t noticed, June is National Safety Month. We love this month because, frankly – safety is our jam.

The annual National Safety Month has been organized for the last 25 years by the National Safety Council to help promote safety in the workplace. Intertek Alchemy has been promoting, teaching and enabling workplace safety every month for nearly 20 years.

Our workplace safety training covers nearly every inch of the 7,500 plants that use Intertek Alchemy to teach safety on topics like lockout tagout protections, work with blood-borne pathogens, PPE training, slip, trip and fall protection measures, active shooter responses, and lift truck safety – just to name a few. In fact, our workplace safety training courses are taken more than 8 million times a year!

All in all, our work, insights and tools engage more than 1 million frontline workers around the world, with major brands like Ocean Spray, Campbell’s, Maple Leaf, Tyson, JBS, and Kellogg’s. Our training tools are designed to help clients reduce injuries in their facilities, meet OSHA requirements, and pass safety audits with ease.

Our guiding principle is that “people make the difference.” Because at work, at home, and in the community, it’s literally people that make the difference in everything we do. That’s why we are laser-focused on developing solutions and services that ensure every frontline worker feels valued and has opportunity for growth.

It’s a pretty common conclusion that time flies when you’re busy. With the progress we’ve made with our customers and innovations to our training technologies, it seems like only yesterday that Intertek Alchemy signed its first client in 2003 —J-Bar-B Foods, which by the way remains our oldest customers.

If you’re one of our long-standing or newest customers, we’re proud to work with you and we look forward to meeting again in person at the next Engage Conference in Austin in September. And long after National Safety Month is over, we will be here to help you keep your workers safe all year long.


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For nearly 20 years, Intertek Alchemy has been the global leader of training and consulting solutions for processors, manufacturers, packagers, and distributors of all sizes. Because we believe that people make the difference, our innovative technologies and services help ensure the everyday actions made by your employees have a valuable impact on safety, quality, and productivity. Partner with us today to protect your workforce and consumers by bringing safety culture to life, ensuring high-quality products, and optimizing operations. Together we can build a safer, more sustainable world for humanity.

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