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World Food Safety Day: Creating a Safer Food Future

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Food safety is a universal concern that affects everyone across the globe. With intricate supply chains, ensuring the safety of our food has never been more critical. As we celebrate World Food Safety Day with the World Health Organization (WHO) on June 7th, we’d like to give a huge shout out to the millions of frontline workers because for them every single day is food safety day. World Food Safety Day aims to draw attention to food safety incidents and promote actions that help prevent, detect, and manage foodborne risks. 

Celebrating World Food Safety Day

We encourage all food industry stakeholders to take a moment to recognize the importance of food safety and the vital role of frontline workers.

Here are some ways to participate and promote food safety within your organization:

  1. Conduct Training Sessions: Use this month to refresh your team’s knowledge with focused training sessions.
  2. Raise awareness: Share information about food safety standards and best practices with your employees and customers via social media or advertising.
  3. Recognize excellence: Acknowledge and reward employees who consistently demonstrate excellence in this field.
  4. Collaborate and share: Engage with other organizations and stakeholders to learn from one another and grow together. Pay attention to what other companies are doing to improve their food safety efforts.

Our Commitment to Food Safety

At Intertek Alchemy, we are dedicated to empowering frontline workers with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain the highest standards of food safety. There are over 7,500 manufacturing plants worldwide currently using the Alchemy Training System for their food safety training. In 2023 across all languages and delivery types, our food safety courses were taken 6.5 million times.

In addition to our training platform, we offer safety training through Intertek Alchemy Consulting, specifically PCQI. Our team of experts works closely with companies to develop customized solutions that establish an effective food safety culture. More than 3,300 food safety professionals have received their PCQI certificate with Jeff Chilton, VP of Consulting at Intertek Alchemy, as Lead Instructor since 2016. And several thousand more receive their HACCP training, internal auditor training, GFSI training, and more through the Intertek Alchemy consulting team.

Frontline workers are the foundation of the food industry. From processing plants and packaging facilities to retail stores and restaurants, these individuals are responsible for handling food safety and maintaining hygiene standards across the board. Their actions directly impact the quality and safety of everything we consume.

The Future of Food Safety

As we look to the future, we can see that innovations in technology, evolving regulations, and changing consumer expectations will shape the landscape of the food industry. Intertek Alchemy is devoted to staying at the forefront of these changes, ensuring that our training solutions continue to meet new challenges and opportunities.

World Food Safety Day serves as a reminder that food safety is a shared responsibility. By investing in the training and empowerment of frontline workers, we can build a safer, healthier food system for all. Join us in celebrating this crucial day and commit to making food safety a priority every day of the year.

Happy World Food Safety Day!

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